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11 Banner Ad Examples to Drive More Clicks

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Plus, making the CTA “Save Now” rather than “Buy Now” is a tremendous way to sneak an additional value proposition into the ad. Shifting gears (zing) to an entirely different industry, here we have a banner ad example from AutoZone. Mimicking this approach is a great way to grab your prospects’ attention. Although this laissez-faire attitude towards plagiarism is baked into the foundation of rock ‘n’ roll, we’ve gotta play by the rules here in the digital marketing world.

  1. It’s crucial that you serve banner ads to relevant audiences.
  2. Only then will your banner ads be able to grab eyeballs and fetch you traction.
  3. For most advertising companies, you only pay if someone clicks.
  4. It again depends on the audience for the banner ad, and research behind the ad.
  5. Google’s simple and effective banner ad shows readers what they’re missing out on if they don’t hit “buy now.” If you want more clicks, consider ways to add urgency to your ads.
  6. So you can upload them to your display network or send them to the publisher.

This is a short piece of text that prompts users to take the desired action (e.g., “Watch Trailer”). It’s often made to look like a button to encourage users to click. For banner ads examples example, you might advertise your best-selling products the majority of the time. And link directly to the corresponding product pages, with the aim of generating sales.

Design a campaign

In 2021, a convincing 53% of display ads were animated, proving that this is a trend that’s here to stay. Of course, it might seem like a tall order at first, but the truth is that many online design DIY solutions these days allow you to create simple animation in just a few clicks. Beautiful, custom illustrations can do wonders for your digital marketing strategy and can be used on your website, social media posts and display ads. However, if used well, even a stock photo can deliver a powerful impact. When done right, a banner ad has great potential to boost engagement and sales.

Once your banner ad is published on a host site, you’ll pay by click, impression, or action, depending on your goals. For example, you can create Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram banner ads and pay per click. When you set up your campaign, you’ll bid on ad placement in your selected websites or publications and pay based on results. Clickable banner ads can be found on the top, side, or bottom of a website, and they’re used to drive traffic to a business website. They’re a type of pay-per-click (PPC) ad that allows businesses to attract attention. Essentially, banner ads are to digital marketing what billboards are to traditional marketing; they grab someone’s attention in hopes of that person taking action.

But with a little creativity, you can create banner ads that drive traffic and conversions, and make more sales for your ecommerce store. Now that you have your ads and calls to action in place, it’s time to make sure your landing page is ready to receive visitors. Much like the thought process you put into your banner ads, you need to use a similar process with your landing page. They have the potential to reach a vast and diverse audience. As an ecommerce store owner, this visibility is important for brand awareness, launching new products, or keeping an offer in the public eye.

A simple, front-and-center CTA is just the right shape, size, and color — it doesn’t detract from the main message but is also impossible to miss. After you know what size you want your banner to be, it’s time to choose a background color. For example, if your ads are mostly on blogs or newspaper sites, choose a bright color that will contrast the white background color those sites tend to use.

Banner Ad Design

Your message should be clear and highlight the unique value of your product/service. With online banners, the ad copy should be short and clear. They work because people react better to visual content or a message that is accompanied by an image. Advertisers also use banner ads to promote events and get people to sign up, or promote downloadable assets. Before you start creating a banner, you need to set your goal clearly. By identifying your marketing objective, you will be able to design your ads better and make the right campaign settings.

The New Yorker’s banner ad design is simple, on-brand, and clear. Prospects know when they click the “Limited time offer” ad they’ll get access to 12 weeks of the New Yorker for $6 and a free tote. “Cancel anytime” lowers the barrier of entry since viewers know there isn’t a long-term contract.

What are the standard banner ad sizes?

Since it’s unlikely that you’ll get someone to buy your product or service with a simple banner ad, it’s wise to offer something small (e.g., a free ebook). What are the advantages of HTML5 ads rather than flash banner examples? First, animated banners are more effective than static banners, but they still need to be viewable on any device.

Then, the agency will choose the type of websites they want to display their ads on, according to their strategy. We will discuss this in a chapter below, including how to stand out with creative banner ads. Instead of jumping straight to ways of using banners for your digital marketing strategy, we’re gonna take a stroll down memory lane and go back to the basics.

The most popular banner sizes and examples of leading global brands.

Similar to an abandoned cart email, these ads can help remind people of a purchase they had considered but haven’t completed yet. This creative banner ad promotes Framery’s office booths with a touch of creative flair. It essentially follows a webinar sales funnel, using human interaction at scale to build relationships and sell complex products.

I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s. As far as design goes, the neutral color palette makes for a very elegant choice and one that’s not imposing. I personally love a https://1investing.in/ good pun or even a simple rhyme but, truthfully, effective copywriting is often surprisingly simple. Banner ads are very much alive and well in 2020, as you can see from the examples above.

To me, what’s unique about this side-by-side comparison is that it communicates Wikibuy’s value proposition through a specific, tangible product—an Xbox controller. If Wikibuy ran a banner ad that simply said, “We make online shopping cheaper,” it wouldn’t resonate nearly as much. By anchoring their value prop to something concrete that many consumers will recognize, Wikibuy significantly enhances the impact of their ad. Additionally, I think the CTA button is perfectly placed; it attracts the eye as soon as you’re done scanning the headline copy. Plus, the marketers at nCino understand that they’re working with a long sales cycle—hence the use of a low-pressure CTA.

In addition, you can work with graphic designers to create banner ads for you or digital marketers to run your campaigns and provide you with results. For example, magazines may have a department that sells banner ad space for their online publication, selling directly to businesses. Meanwhile, display networks and banner advertising platforms allow businesses to target specific types of websites and their audiences. The goal of any banner ad is to bring attention to your product, business, or brand. Ensure that your brand is represented in the creative material by designing with brand standards in mind.

The CTA is clearly a button, though the white text on light blue is relatively difficult to read. Including two brands in one ad, Lenovo and Windows, may confuse people. The bold headline, “the No. 1 commercial PC brand” adds some credibility to the ad, but it’s unclear who rated Lenovo number 1.

One of the goals you can set for your banner ads campaign is to drive traffic to your website. Once a user clicks on your ad, they will land on the page you set in the campaign. It was rudimentary, but it surpassed everyone’s imagination. After four months, 44% of the people who viewed the ad clicked on it. That’s a click-through rate that most advertisers could only dream of today. And this is all due to today’s fierce competition among brands and ad fatigue.


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