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KONSTANTIN VASYUKEVICH MD 21 Photos & 31 Reviews 59 E 79th St, New York, New York Plastic Surgeons Phone Number

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Verified reviews written by previous patients on reliable, independent websites are a valuable tool. You can access Dr. Konstantin’s most recent patient reviews below. Each cosmetic procedure, whether surgical or minimally invasive, is designed to solve a unique set of problems. And, when used properly, the two can greatly complement each other. The most effective facial rejuvenation is achieved using a combination of both surgical and nonsurgical methods.

  1. Learn more about your rights and protections related to the No Surprises Act (HR133).
  2. After making the incisions, excess fat is removed (typically through liposuction), and the underlying muscle (or SMAS) is tightened; this can be accomplished through various methods.
  3. Harmony of the facial features is a key component of physical beauty.
  4. Each method of facial rejuvenation was developed to meet a specific set of goals, and each technique was designed to rejuvenate patients with certain types of facial structures.

Dr. Konstantin believes using less-invasive anesthesia for cosmetic surgery can make the patient’s experience with facial rejuvenation much easier. That is why a great many of his patients prefer a safer alternative to deep general anesthesia, such as twilight anesthesia. It requires technical ability and healthy perfectionism, as well as a good eye for aesthetics and beauty. The face is probably the most challenging part of the body to work with.

If you see no significant difference, you might want to look at other means of facial rejuvenation for the signs of aging that concern you. It’s best to schedule any facial plastic surgery procedure at least 6 weeks before the event. Even though the initial recovery takes only a week or 2, residual https://turbo-tax.org/ swelling and bruising typically need several more weeks to resolve. Even people in their 30s begin to see signs of aging that can make them appear much older than they are. What matters when considering a facelift is whether patients have jowls or a double chin that truly bothers them.

Dear Dr. Konstantin,

Less-invasive techniques can tremendously improve a surgical outcome, creating a balanced, natural-looking result. For comprehensive facial rejuvenation, Dr. Konstantin often performs upper face treatments such as brow lift and eyelid surgery at the time of the facelift operation. He may choose to incorporate fat transfer or dermal fillers to restore lost volume around the eyes and on the cheeks. While standing in front of the mirror, place your fingers on the sides of your face and lift the skin upward and slightly back. If doing so makes your face look years younger, a facelift might be just the right procedure for you.

Dr. Konstantin is a renowned facelift expert specializing in artful treatment of the aging face and neck. He performs more than 1,000 facial cosmetic procedures annually, making him one of the busiest facial plastic surgeons in Manhattan, NYC. Learn why discriminating facelift patients trust him for superior, natural-looking results. Dr. Konstantin is a double board certified surgeon specializing in the treatment of the aging face, eyelids and neck. He performs over a thousand facial cosmetic procedures annually, which places him among the busiest facial plastic surgeons in Manhattan. He takes and reviews photographs to establish and prioritize the goals of facial rejuvenation.

Once he establishes the facial contour, Dr. Konstantin removes the excess skin and closes the incisions with specially designed sutures. A contour dressing consisting of cotton and soft bandages is then placed. Most patients choose to bring a scarf or a hat to cover the bandages for the trip home. Harmony of the facial features is a key component of physical beauty. Dr. Konstantin’s expertise extends to enhancing all areas of the face and neck.

He skillfully improved my appearance
and the results are nothing short of amazing! The aftercare was incredible Maria took such care to usher me through the healing process. Every issue or question that came up she answered and rather than feel abandoned after surgery
which can so often be the case, I felt cared for and attended to. Now that a few months have passed since the surgery I can say with absolute certainty that
that Dr Konstantin is the best of the best! I cannot thank him enough for lifting not only my
face but my sense of self…I cannot recommend him and his staff any more highly. You have plenty of options when choosing a facial cosmetic surgery practice in NYC.

Is Instagram the Reason Everyone Wants a Deep Plane Facelift Right Now?

I decided to skip all these useless, money wasting procedures like light therapy/lasers/threads (you name it )and just get the surgery done and have definite lasting results! However, keep in mind that choosing a particular facelift type because it worked well for somebody else may not give you the best result. Each method of facial rejuvenation was developed to meet a specific set of goals, and each technique was designed to rejuvenate patients with certain types of facial structures.

The Flaxseed Mask that Went Viral–Is it Better than Botox? Dr. Konstantin Weighs In

However, in recent years with the development of newer, less-invasive facelift techniques, there has been a trend toward using less and less anesthesia for cosmetic procedures. Dr. Konstantin and his staff have designed every aspect of our facial plastic surgery practice in Manhattan with you in mind. We understand you lead a busy life, and we want your visit with us to be relaxing and enjoyable, yet respectful of your time. From our attentive staff to our luxurious, sophisticated ambiance, we’ve seen to every detail to ensure you can focus on yourself and your aesthetic procedure.

How do you build trust with a patient?

You will need to take some personal time for healing after a facelift procedure. The time needed for healing varies significantly between patients; however, most people can get back to work in 1 to 2 weeks. In New York City, an expertly performed facelift generally costs $25,000 to $100,000 and up. However, the fees of the best facelift surgeons in NYC likely fall within this price range. I was seeking a doctor that specialized in faces as I did not want to leave my face to a generalist. Not only did I find that in Dr. K but I found a physician that has performed thousands of facial surgeries.

Speaking from Experience

Successful facial rejuvenation requires achieving a delicate balance between a smooth and youthful facial shape without crossing the line to a taught and unnatural facial appearance. This unique challenge also makes it extremely interesting and rewarding to be a facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Konstantin’s dedication to the field of facial plastic surgery is unmistakable.

As one of the top facial plastic surgeons in Manhattan, Dr. Konstantin is often featured in both the national and local media as an expert consultant on facial plastic surgery trends. Paid attention to detail
From the moment I set foot in Dr Konstantin’s office I felt I was in the right place. My conversations with Alisa
were critical in the decision making process she filled me with confidence and a sense of
excitement while at the same time helping me to feel at peace. After answering so many
of my questions she ushered me into to see the Dr. and I immediately felt safe. The procedure itself went so well, Dr Konstantin is not just a surgeon he is an artist!

I will absolutely return to Dr. K when I need additional procedures. In addition, his office staff are fantastic, kind, and supportive. When designing each patient’s customized facelift plan, Dr. Konstantin prioritizes natural-looking dr konstantin vasyukevich results while preserving one’s distinct facial character. For exceptional talent, unparalleled results, and superior patient care, people choose Dr. Konstantin, ranked among the best facelift surgeons in Manhattan.

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